• Circular Business Lab

    Empowering the adventurous spirit of children to tackle climate change using design thinking

  • Why Circular Business Labs?

    Climate change is not something that falls just on the shoulders of big public and private institutions and if anyone still has any doubt, just remember how far we are from achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, or the fact that 2020 has been the hottest year ever despite lockdowns. These facts make it abundantly clear how it's up to us also to find a solution to this challenge. The trick is how to make people feel they are capable and can make a difference.


    We, at A Piece of Lemon Cake, believe that the answer to this is through engaging with families, particularly children, as they begin to sense that the future doesn't look as good as they would like it to be. We are counting on that energy. We want to transform that concern, frustration, and even fear into action.


    We want to empower the adventurous spirit that is in every child to learn in a playfully and hands-on way these key pressing topics and develop business models using design thinking and the circular economy principles.