• Our Story

  • A Piece of Lemon Cake started in December 2019 as a side project of our founder, Laura Lorenzo. Its goal was to reduce food waste in cities, by making sure that the fruits grown in private gardens didn't rot on the ground but was collected, transformed, and sold using circular economy business models. Then COVID-19 came along.


    As challenging as the lockdown was, it also gave us the opportunity to press the "pause button" and figure out how A Piece of Lemon Cake could have a bigger impact. As a result, the scope evolved from reducing food waste one backyard at a time, to helping cities become carbon neutral using design, the circular economy principles, and urban mining.

  • Why A Piece of Lemon Cake?

    Our name brings together three core beliefs that are dear to us:

    1. Making things simple for others. So they realize that what at first seemed too challenging is, in fact, reality, a piece of cake!
    2. ​Doing everything we do with a smile. Serious & hard work can go hand in hand with a sense of humour, so we played a little bit with words adapting the English expression "A piece of cake" to reflect what inspired us in the beginning: the lemon trees in the city backyards.
    3. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It's in our nature to try to figure out how we can transform what others look at as waste or a problem into a resource or a solution and, of course, we love lemons!

  • Who is A Piece of Lemon Cake?

    A Piece of Lemon Cake is an initiative of Laura Lorenzo an accomplished designer fully committed to helping cities explore circular business models to become more inclusive, greener, sustainable, and profitable. Previously in her career, she helped farmers in Spain and Chile be more gentle with the environment, by design. She helped the Catalan Government become citizen-centric, and tech stubborn unicorns become customer and employee-centered, rather than product-centric alone. Her approach, always transformative, got recognition from the European Commission, and from the design community.


    She is a co-Founder of the Portugal Chapter at the Service Design Network, and she is responsible for bringing to the Portuguese-speaking design community planet-centric approaches for them to include in their practice.

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